Influencer Marketing in verschiedenen Branchen: Erfolgsbeispiele und Tipps

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective marketing strategies in recent years. No matter what industry your business is in, working with influencers can help you attract new customers, increase sales of your products or services, and raise awareness of your brand. In this article, we’ll introduce you to successful influencer marketing examples from different industries and give you tips on how to use the strategies for your own business.

Fashion industry

A well-known example of successful influencer marketing in the fashion industry is H&M’s collaboration with influencer Chiara Ferragni. Through her authentic style, she has millions of followers who trust her fashion style. Through this cooperation, H&M was able to increase its reach and boost sales.


  • Work with influencers who appeal to your style and target audience
  • Go for authentic influencers who really stand behind your products
  • Offer exclusive discount codes or promotions that influencer followers can take advantage of

Cosmetics industry

MAC Cosmetics’ collaboration with influencer NikkieTutorials shows how successful influencer marketing can be in the cosmetics industry. NikkieTutorials is known for impressive makeup tutorials and has a large fan base. Through the collaboration, MAC Cosmetics was able to reach a large new target group and gain new customers.


  • Choose influencers who frequently feature makeup products in their videos or posts
  • Provide influencers with products they can use in their tutorials or looks
  • Promote honest reviews and influencer opinions to build trust with your potential customers

Health and fitness industry

Gymshark has successfully established itself through influencer marketing. The fitness brand works with fitness influencers like Whitney Simmons and David Laid, who carry the brand in their workout videos and draw their followers’ attention to Gymshark. This collaboration has helped Gymshark build a loyal community and increase sales.


  • Choose influencers who are active in the fitness scene and whose workout style matches your brand
  • Offer influencers products they can use and showcase during their training sessions
  • Use influencer testimonials to highlight the quality and functionality of your products

technology industry

Samsung is a good example of successful influencer marketing in the technology industry. It has collaborated with influencers such as Casey Neistat, who presents and tests the latest Samsung products in his videos. Through this cooperation, Samsung was able to increase the awareness of its products and gain new customers.


  • Work with influencers who are known for their tech affinity and have high credibility
  • Provide influencers with the latest products to feature in their videos or posts
  • Promote honest reviews of the products to build trust with your potential customers

Travel industry

Marriott Hotels’ cooperation with influencers like Murad Osmann shows how successful influencer marketing can be in the travel industry. Murad Osmann is known for his “Follow me to” photo series, in which he photographs his wife in exotic locations. By collaborating with Marriott, the hotel chain has been able to increase its popularity and
attract new guests.


  • Work with travel influencers who have a high reach and popularity among their target audience
  • Offer influencers free stays at your hotels to feature in their posts or videos
  • Use influencers to promote special offers, events or new openings


Influencer marketing is successful in almost every industry and offers businesses the opportunity to increase their reach, attract new customers, increase sales of products or services, and raise awareness of their brand. By working with the right influencers and tailoring strategies to the specific industry, you can realize the full potential of influencer marketing for your own business.


Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which companies work with influencers to promote their products or services and increase their reach.

Choose influencers who are active in your industry, have high credibility, and appeal to your target audience.

Influencer marketing can be used successfully in just about any industry with the right strategy.

You can measure the success of influencer marketing using various metrics, such as reach, engagement, conversions, or sales increases.

Communicate openly and transparently with influencers, offer them exclusive benefits, and show appreciation for their work. Long-term collaboration can lead to better results and a stronger bond between influencer and brand.

Yes, influencer marketing is also suitable for small businesses or startups. Choose influencers who address a similar target group and whose followers could be potential customers for your company.

Use social media to find influencers in your industry. For example, you can search for hashtags that are relevant to your industry to discover suitable influencers. Of course, you can also hire an influencer agency like us and use our existing network, our experience and our excellent conditions with influencers.

Most influencers expect to be paid for their work, predominantly with money, but sometimes also in the form of products or other benefits. Appropriate payment is important to build a successful and long-term collaboration.

Integrate influencer marketing into your existing marketing strategy by using it to complement other channels such as social media, content marketing, or email marketing. This way, you can leverage synergies and further expand your reach.

Yes, influencer marketing is subject to certain legal frameworks, such as advertising labeling requirements. Make sure that you and the influencers you work with comply with applicable laws and regulations.

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