Influencer marketing is too expensive!

Influencer Marketing ist zu teuer

Influencer marketing belongs nowadays to the most important marketing forms at all. While advertising measures on TV or in print media once had their desired effect, most target groups are now addressed by influencer marketing. The area in which this type of advertising achieves desired effects is becoming ever larger, but many brands and companies still have prejudices against this form of interacting with their own customers and attracting new customers. Why influencer marketing is target-oriented and, unlike other marketing measures, definitely not expensive is explained in this article.

The biggest prejudices against Influencer Marketing

The term of this new marketing form is meanwhile in all mouth, however the advantages against this kind of the advertisement are still quite large. The main reason for this are the advantages mentioned in the following:

1. Influencers are usually too superficial
Many companies believe that social platforms only make sense for advertising rather superficial products or superficial marketing measures. Thus, companies with certain services or special products for a niche target group find it harder to do so than, for example, the fashion or cosmetics industry. However, Instagrammer, for example, do not just present superficial aspects, but take their followers into their own world. Statements are made for self-love and psychological content such as mental well-being or reorientation. The Instagrammer encourage their community and inspire them in many areas of their lives. That's why there is definitely much more behind social media and the advertising behind it than just superficiality.

2. Social media is only something for young people
This is also a big mistake. It was one thing that Facebook, Instagram & Co. initially addressed young people. The young generation is also growing up with social media and certainly knows more about it than people of previous generations. However, these generations are now also finding more and more access to such media and are using them more and more. Thus, older target groups can now also be addressed through social networks. This also applies to all areas of life. No matter whether it is advertising for fashion, fitness, nutrition or health products - the generations in social media today are very diverse.

3. Social media marketing is expensive
This assumption is the greatest misconception of all. Many believe that this kind of advertising only works with very large Instagram or Facebook pages. They therefore rely exclusively on profiles that have a very high reach. The price of the marketing measures is often measured by exactly this number, i.e. the number of followers of an Instagram profile. The more there are, the more expensive a cooperation is often. However, this number does not matter and even small Instagram profiles or Facebook pages with a low reach can have a big effect. If it is a rather small profile, it is often more niche and the followers are actually interested in the products displayed and of course in the person on the account. In addition, users with a small reach often have a closer connection to their followers, communicate more with them and sometimes even send out a link with a message. Thus, in most cases, influencer marketing is anything but expensive and can even be much more effective than other marketing measures.


No matter whether it is a very special Product for a very specific target group or a marketing measure across target groups: Advertising by influencers has a greater effect than most other measures nowadays and can also be cheaper. In the end, the only requirement is to select the right influencer for the job.

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