How your company benefits from Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is more important than ever for companies today! We are in the age of digitalization and therefore the advertising measures as well as their effectiveness are changing. The following article provides information about why the new marketing strategy is so effective and why no company should do without it.

Popular marketing strategies become increasingly irrelevant

One reason why companies should embrace this new form of marketing is that conventional advertising measures are less effective today than they were a few years ago. TV or print advertising is less noticed today, because these media are used less. In times of numerous streaming offers less and less people use the traditional TV program and print media are increasingly replaced by online offers. Therefore, these advertising measures can be as good as their concept - if they do not reach the customer, they cannot fulfill their purpose.

Influencer Marketing works across target groups

A prejudice and at the same time a big mistake, which often results from the change of the time, is the assumption that this change only applies to the young generation. It is true that young people in particular are more likely to use streaming services and that older generations continue to read print newspapers, for example, and consume public television programming. However, it is also true that older generations are also undergoing change and are becoming increasingly interested in digital media. Many pensioners, for example, have time after retirement and are eager to learn and to learn. Not infrequently, this generation is currently discovering social networks and is thus becoming increasingly digital. For this reason, this new form of marketing is by no means limited to the younger generation.

Influencers create trust and build a customer relationship

In addition, the new marketing strategy offers advantages not found in any other strategy, but which are becoming increasingly important today. These advantages relate above all to trust, positioning in the market and building a customer relationship characterized by loyalty. No matter what type of product or service is involved - the competition is growing and is unstoppable in almost all industries. Therefore it is all the more important for the individual to stand out from the crowd and be remembered by the customer. With the far too large selection of similar products and services on the market, the customer can hardly estimate with which company he is best served and where he can get the best product or service for his money. Therefore, what contributes to the decision-making process here is the recommendation of trustworthy people. Influencers usually have a loyal fan base and the followers of these people attach great importance to this opinion. Therefore, the recommendation of a successful and trustworthy instagrammer is worth more than the recommendation of a person unknown to the customer, such as a strange model in a TV commercial.

Targeted and cost-effective marketing for the relevant target group

Furthermore, influencer marketing is much cheaper than most people think. The price here usually increases with the number of followers on the social platform. However, the effectiveness of marketing is much more about quality and not quantity. If an Instagram user has only a few, but very loyal followers, this can be much more efficient for an advertising campaign in the form of cooperation with the respective Instagrammer. Thus, effective marketing with influencers does not have to be expensive. Often it is even much cheaper than other, conventional advertising measures.


Although the new way of marketing is not yet completely transparent for many companies, it is very worthwhile to take a closer look at this digital marketing strategy. In the long term, no successful company will be able to do without it due to increasing digitalization.

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