Corona Rapid Test for B2C

More and more end customers want to buy a Corona rapid test. In the last few weeks, more and more test procedures have been carried out, with which end customers can test at home whether they are Corona positive or negative. These tests will help minimize the pandemic. However, the tests must be marketed correctly in order to be applied correctly.

What should be considered when advertising Corona rapid tests to end customers?

Corona rapid tests are not only about selling the tests in the highest possible number. It is also important that customers know how and when they should use the test. In the best case, the advertising should therefore show how the product should be roughly applied. This in turn leads to more sales. If the end customer does not know how to apply such a test, he will not buy it. He must therefore know how to do it and what steps are necessary. Of course, when selling Covid-19 tests, the advantages must also be clearly evident. As with any other product, a corona test will not be sold otherwise. On the one hand, the potential customer should be made aware that with such a rapid test he will have a result within a few minutes. This saves an enormous amount of time and nerves. The customer does not have to go to the doctor or health authority and spend a long time waiting, but knows within 10 minutes whether he is Corona positive. Furthermore, the quick test at home offers an anonymous evaluation. Of course, the customer should also be advised of the necessary behavioral steps and measures in case of a positive test result. However, especially in case of a negative test result, quarantine can often be avoided. For example, nobody has to stay at home and grope in the dark because of contact with a possibly infected person. They can simply test themselves and thus know exactly how to behave and whether or not they endanger others.

Is the use of social media helpful in the marketing process?

The use of social media is ideal for marketing Covid-19 rapid tests. Using stories, videos and pictures, influencers can explain to their followers how they test themselves for the antigen of Covid 19 and motivate their fans to do the same. This way they know right away that it is not difficult to perform the antigen test and lose their inhibitions about such tests. In addition, Influencer also make their fans generally aware of this possibility. Most people do not come up with the idea of buying a corona rapid test on their own. However, if they see this in their favourite influencer, this wish is quickly fulfilled. Furthermore, many people have respect for a Covid-19 test. Most of those who have had such a test (for example at the health department) often tell their friends and acquaintances that it was painful. These people are then not very enthusiastic about the idea of doing such a test themselves. However, if a great influencer who has a close relationship with his followers performs this test, the followers usually want to do the same. The use of social media is therefore definitely an excellent way to market corona rapid tests.

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